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The Creative Guru


Hey, it's nice to meet you, I'm REBECCA WRIGHT

Meet Rebecca, a dynamic professional shaped by diverse work experiences into a versatile expert in finance and real estate. With a foundation in customer service and collections spanning nine years, she developed interpersonal finesse and client-centric insight.

Rebecca’s unwavering dedication led her to excel as a certified senior permit technician for the City of Goodyear over 13 years, mastering permit intricacies for smooth resident and business processes. Transitioning into real estate, she obtained her license and combined her permit expertise with industry knowledge.

Driven by a passion for excellence, Rebecca delved into taxes, providing comprehensive financial planning and tax strategies. Her resourcefulness, honed by her past as an extreme couponer, continues to define her financially savvy approach.

With a career marked by varied experiences and deep financial acumen, Rebecca is a sought-after expert in tax strategy, real estate, and financial planning. Her commitment to clients’ success and innovative thinking underscores her journey from customer service to senior permit technician and onward to real estate and tax professional, leaving a lasting impact.

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Adventures in Real Estate and Financial Magic: Rebecca's Whimsical Journey!

Established in 2016, I love the opportunity to be creative every day.

Rebecca’s career is a canvas where her love for real estate and tax planning beautifully merges, nurturing her clients’ triumphs. From an early foundation in customer service, her journey has been an odyssey of growth. As a seasoned senior permit technician, she immersed herself in intricate regulations, smoothing the path for residents and businesses. Transitioning to real estate, her license infused fresh vigor, blending her permit mastery with property finesse. Fueled by curiosity, she delved into taxes, evolving into a holistic financial planner. Beyond her career, Rebecca’s zest for learning, wanderlust, and embracing novelties adds hues of adventure to her path, mirroring her commitment to craft success stories for clients navigating properties and financial landscapes.


When I’m not working, you can find me binging Netflix and hanging with my Frenchie, Otis. He’s the official office mascot!

If I wasn’t a content creator, I would be a fashion designer. I love mixing and matching the vintage and classic styles.

My Favorite self-care habits are a good skin care routine and reading a good book. I also love to journal when I wake up!

When you LET GO of PLANS, and start living YOUR DREAM

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